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Labour Laws and Employer Rights
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Labour Laws and Employer Rights

It is critical to note that labour laws which govern the conduct of employers and trade unions during union recognition campaigns differ country to country. Employers have a right to seek assistance or use representatives to help in preparing plans during such critical events. Employers and supervisory management must understand their rights and obligations to develop factual, legal, and non-threatening communications for employees while respecting their rights and providing just and fair guidance during organizing and recognition campaigns. We are experts in most all international labour laws including but not limited to: the E.R.A. 1999 (U.K.), the NLRA (U.S.), the Railway Act (U.S.), Canadian Labour Legislation (10 provinces), various U.S. state/local Farm Acts, Federal Reserve Labour Policy, Puerto Rican labour and Employment Laws and several other international labour laws.

For more information regarding labor law in the US, Central and North America, please visit

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