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The Burke Group (TBG) has grown steadily for 25 years and currently directs more than 40 culturally diverse industrial labor professional consultants from multiple locations throughout the USA. We have helped hundreds of businesses in virtually every industry including healthcare to meet their most critical industrial union and non-union labor relations challenges.

The Burke Group (TBG) is the largest industrial labor consultants firm providing training and guidance to all levels of management leaders throughout the U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska), Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Western Europe and Central America. We are experienced with the unique cultural nuances of union recognition, counter organizing and decertification issues faced by large, small, and multi-national organizations in the changing global economy. Our emphasis is labor relations and strategic guidance as it relates to staying union free through preventive programs as well as counter recognition and union organizing campaigns.

The Burke Group [TBG], established in 1982, is the nation's largest full service management consulting firm specializing in industrial labor relations. We provide comprehensive guidance and training to all levels of management leadership in the Americas and Europe. Why are we the best? Our labor relations consulting experience is unequaled.

To submit an inquiry to industrial labor consultants, The Burke Group, please fill out the Contact Form as completely as possible and click "Submit". We try to respond to all requests within 24 Hours from Monday through Friday.



TBG is a labor relations consultants firm that specializes in labor relations strategies, training, management audit, NLRA, NLRB elections, preventative labor relations, union card signing & union organizing.

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