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NLRA Training & NLRB Elections Results


ACT Training provides the information and skills needed during an “active” union organizing campaign regarding the legal role of managers/supervisors. We provide:

  • An overview of appropriate Labour Law
  • What you cannot say and do, but more importantly, what you CAN say and do
  • Techniques a union may use
  • How to convey information about the union to employees

Petition Avoidance

As a union campaign builds, the union eventually gets to a point where it either feels that it’s strong enough to file a petition for election with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) or it drops the organizing effort. TBG consultants have been successful in helping businesses avoid union petitions more than 70 times by working a counter campaign before a petition is filed by the union. We audit, train, coach, counsel and support the campaign communication process. You can’t lose an election that never takes place.

Appropriate Unit Determination

The unit determination decision often has a critical impact on the result of a union election. A union has the right to file a petition to represent only that group of your employees it believes to have the best chance of winning. You have to be prepared to quickly make a decision on who you believe should be in the voting unit shortly after the union petition is filed. Will you have the right information to make that decision? Working with your leadership, TBG consultants provide the expertise you’ll need to make the best decision possible.

Counter Union Organizing Campaigns

When a union campaign has begun, the organization needs to make some key action decisions. The Burke Group works with the leadership team to quickly understand the issues develop a campaign strategy and educate the leadership of the business on all aspects of the organizing process. TBG brings the management team together to meet the union’s challenge. Our consultants train, coach, counsel, AND develop an employee communications program and motivate supervisors and managers right up to the election date or until a union walks away.

To submit an inquiry for NLRA training & NLRB elections results please fill out the Contact Form as completely as possible and click "Submit". We try to respond to all requests within 24 Hours from Monday through Friday.



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