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The Burke Group (TBG)The Burke Group offers  consulting, counter union campaigns, supervisory training, union vulnerability assessments, card signing mitigation, anti-corporate campaigns and more
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The Burke Group [TBG] is a recognized international leader in guiding management during union recognition campaigns and trade union negotiations in the UK/EU and United States since 1982.

Although our international work in the UK, Canada, Central America, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands has been ongoing, our presence in the UK increased significantly after the Employee Relations Act (ERA 1999) was established in June 2000 which triggered new procedures related to trade union recognition. Since that time, The Burke Group has been assisting management and their workforces in labour relations initiatives and the related intricacies of trade union recognition and ballot elections. We have been engaged not only by UK companies, but also US foreign subsidiaries located in the UK and EU including the Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.

For your Hospital or Corporate office, The Burke Group will assist you with  labor relations consultants,international,bi-lingual,NLRA,human resources,anti,busting,prevention petition avoidance activity,card signing,organizing collective bargaining,NLRA training NLRB elections,audit,decertification,supervisory training,campaign strategies,corporate,UK,Canada,U.S.
The Burke Group - Union Avoidance Consultants HONEYWELL-GARRETT TURBO (UK)

"Congratulations are due to the team at The Burke Group who gave us tremendous guidance and support through the whole process".

General Manager

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Labor Relations Consultants, Strategies, Preventative Labor Relations

Additionally we assist clients whether represented by trade union or not in all areas including transformative changes, collective agreements, labor disputes, works councils and union recognition campaigns. Our consultants are the most culturally diverse in the industry with fluency in many languages including Chinese, Spanish, French, and Tagalong.

Trade Union Recognition Campaigns - Education, Training, and Mentoring to management is key to delivering communications that adhere to applicable current law during recognition campaigns and ballot inititiatives. In trade union recognition campaigns with TBG participation, organizations experience larger voter turnout and we take great pride that over 90% of eligible employees will cast ballots and confidently demonstrate their right to vote their decision.

Direct Communication between Management and Workforce - requires periodic Vulnerability Audits for employers to understand where they are falling short of employee expectations and what may trigger employees toward union recognition for collective bargaining purposes. We can design management training that will identify issues and solve them. We will guide you to optimum conditions that can be periodically monitored by company staff or TBG align your labour relations startegies to succesfully achieve your business objectives.

  The Burke Group [TBG] is a labour relations consulting firm that specializes in labour relations strategies, industrial training, management audit, CAC, and preventative labour relations.
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